Life Dedicated to Good Sound

The Velikinac Audio Lab company was born out of a great love for good sound and the desire to achieve the best possible sound quality from each loudspeakers. Behind our production program there are more than three decades of experience in the manufacture of loudspeakers – from tried and tested projects to unique models, designed and made to satisfy your most refined audiophile as well as aesthetic aspirations. Thirty years of dedication to the idea of good sound, hard work and constant, painstaking testing of the most diverse acoustic technologies and solutions have been crowned with a brand that offers audiophiles around the world unrivaled quality and true high-fidelity sound.

As a family company, Velikinac Audio Lab makes all its products in its own workshops and completely by hand, which is the best guarantee of quality and durability. The manufacture of the cabinets is entrusted to craftsmen with many years of experience, and each piece of construction is precisely processed and checked multiple times before it finds its place in the finished product. In addition to cabinet making and veneering in natural wood, Velikinac Audio Lab also produces crossovers for all its models, as well as drivers of its own construction, which is rare and shows our undiminished passion for constant improvement and achieving the best possible reproduction quality. In an effort to offer additional improvements in reproduction, over the years we have included in our product range several types of demagnetizers for vinyl and CDs, as well as high-quality loudspeaker and interconnect cables. Due to all of the above, we are confident that our loudspeakers will not leave you indifferent – whether you are looking for compact and musical loudspeakers for a limited space, or you want powerful and uncompromising masters of sound, Velikinac Audio Lab brings the fulfillment of your audiophile desires.